Manufacture and sell profitable products with Exact Macola Progression

Exact Macola Progression's Manufacturing Bundle contains several essential features that enable a company to manufacture and sell its product efficiently and effectively including: Bill of Materials, Shop Floor Control, Manufacturing Cost Accounting and Standard Product Routing.

Bill of Material
A strong bill of material processor can help manage and analyze the components and products your company produces. Macola Progression's BOM module does this while incorporating powerful visual tools that integrate with Shop Floor Control and Production Order Processing modules.

Shop Floor Control
Progression's Shop Floor Control module is a powerful tool that allows you to execute your manufacturing production plans. Jobs can be used to group multiple shop orders to can create jobs when Shop Orders are created.

Manufacturing Cost Accounting
Progression's Manufacturing Cost Accounting module is an analysis package designed for manufacturers to use in tracking actual costs, and in comparing these actual costs to planned costs, yielding valuable variance analysis data. This is the primary source for linking accounting entries from shop orders to the General Ledger. It is also design to enter miscellaneous costs associated with, or allocated to a job.

Standard Product Routing
The Standard Product Routing module handles the creation, maintenance and reporting of data that describes operations, outside processes, tools and notes used in producing a product. This module is oriented toward any size make-to-stock manufacturer but it also has the inherent flexibility to be used in job shops where jobs tend to be similar to earlier jobs.

Business Benefits:

  • Produce products in a more cost effective and efficient manner by automating processes and analyzing production data.
  • Effectively manage multi-level product structures with easy to use drag and drop functionality using Macola Progression's Bill of Material module.
  • Quickly and efficiently create shop orders and control all aspects of the order without entering unnecessary data with Progression's Shop Floor Control Module. Also benefit from the added flexibility of keeping on top of internal or customer-driven changes even after release.
  • Standardize manufacturing routing by sequencing work on the shop floor, scheduling in production planning and costing in production control and accounting with the Standard Product Routing module for Macola Progression.

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