Macola Progression ERP for Mid-Sized Businesses

Harvest has 25 years experience in using and supporting the Macola Progression package in all forms of businesses. As a business management solution consisting of accounting, distribution, manufacturing, and ecommerce, Macola Progression is designed to meet the needs of the small to midsize enterprise and provide the tools to help grow businesses.

Accounting provides comprehensive drill downs for quick and easy access to all financial information. Ecommerce enables businesses to reach out to customers around the globe to build sales and become more user-friendly to their customers. Manufacturing consists of a comprehensive suite of applications for the make-to-stock, make-to-order, assemble-to-order and mixed-mode manufacturing environments.

  • Macola Progression Accounting Modules Macola Progression Accounting Modules

    Comprehensive views with drill downs for quick and easy access to all of financial information. Includes: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Bank Book and Currency Manager

  • Macola Progression Manufacturing Bundle Macola Progression Manufacturing Bundle

    Produce products in a more cost effective and efficient manner with Bill of Materials, Shop Floor Control, Manufacturing Cost Accounting and Standard Product Routing capabilities.

  • Exact Macola Progression Advanced Distribution Exact Macola Progression Advanced Distribution

    Enhance efficiency by managing quality, product costs, customer returns and materials. Exact Macola Progression's Advanced Distribution Bundle consists of five specific functions: landed cost, hard allocation, multi-bin, confirm pick and return material authorization.