Macola Enterprise Suite (ES) ERP

Macola Enterprise Suite (ES) is an integrated software solution for mid-sized manufacturers and distributors that includes accounting, manufacturing and distribution modules.

It is a cost-effective solution that offers scalability and flexibility to grow and change with your business.

In addition, Macola ES reduces the need for many different applications, allowing your business to operate on one consistent platform from administration to the shop floor.

"Prior to installing Exact, NASI used three software products totaling 15 applications—a barrier to integrated, efficient operations. There was little control over the flow of business processes through the internal supply chain and minimal enterprise focus on reporting. Then we installed Exact Macola, and the integration between the financial, distribution and manufacturing data afforded us the opportunity to follow business transactions from beginning-to-end using common terminology and applications, and ultimately generating reports with a common perspective.

- R. Sutherland, Director of IT, North American Scientific, Inc.
  • Additional Modules for Exact Macola ERP Additional Modules for Exact Macola ERP

    Exact Macola's functionality can be further extended with additional modules to meet specific requirements that businesses may have. Please also view the Business Automation Tools for even more options to enhance Macola's functionality.

  • Exact Macola Distribution Pro Exact Macola Distribution Pro

    Macola Distribution Pro is the ERP solution for companies that need easy-to-use distribution, manufacturing and inventory capabilities integrated with business management and financial software.

  • Exact Macola Manufacturing Pro Exact Macola Manufacturing Pro

    Macola Manufacturing Pro is the ERP solution for serious manufacturing professionals in the general discrete manufacturing segments including, but not limited to, machinery, aerospace, automotive and electronics.

  • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

    Designed for Macola ES and Progression users to improve their warehouse management efficiency and productivity.