Macola ERP - Standard Product Routing

The Macola ES Standard Product Routing (SPR) package handles the creation, maintenance and reporting of data that describes operations, outside processes, tools, and notes used in producing a product. This module is oriented toward any size make-to-stock manufacturer, but it also has the inherent flexibility to be used in job shops where jobs tend to be similar to earlier jobs.

The Standard Production Routing module standardizes manufacturing routings, the information that describes the path a product follows on the shop floor as it flows through the production process. SPR routings are used in three valuable ways:

  • Sequencing work on the shop floor in the form of shop packets that describe the sequence of manufacturing operations, how the operations are to be performed, the type of machine required, the tools to be used, etc.;
  • Scheduling production planning to calculate manufacturing lead-time and to organize work center loads;
  • Costing in production control and accounting, in order to set-up control records to trace the progress of the shop order and accumulate actual vs. planned costs. This is achieved by using SPR in conjunction with other Macola ES modules, such as Standard Costing (S/C), Shop Floor Control (SFC) and Manufacturing Cost Accounting (MCA).
  • Time-saving features reduce the time required for creation and maintenance of standard routings in several different ways. Create General Routings to cover the operations used the most in your shop, knowing that many Specific Routings can use the same General Routing. Following this, copies of General Routings can be pulled into Specific Routings when the Specific Routings are being printed or copied into new shop orders. Beyond the ability to incorporate routings, there is also a "Same as Except" routing copy facility which permits existing routings to be copied into new routings, where the result can be altered as needed. This is particularly useful when large routings for two or more items differ by only a few operations, tools or notes. Our clients find it far quicker and less error prone to make a few changes to create a new routing, rather than to enter it all from scratch.

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