Macola ERP Standard Costing

Many manufacturers use the standard costing method of using an expected cost (materials, labour, overhead) and comparing those costs against actual costs.

Macola's Standard Costing Module provides three sets of costs:

  • Begininng of year standard cost (standard)
  • Up-to-date cost (current)
  • Projected costs used for 'what if' analysis
  • The cost master file contains a record for each inventory item and each of these records contains:

  • Standard value added cost
  • Total material cost
  • Labour and outside processing
  • Landed and scrap costs
  • variable and fixed burden cost
  • The current and standard amounts are maintained for each level in the Bill of Material (BOM). All from one application, this package offers flexibility in tracking build up costs and allows businesses to:

  • update cost components for one item or the entire database
  • create cost master, add material, value added costs, roll costs
  • Business Benefits:

  • Standard cost changes can be indentified quickly
  • Provides costed routing sheets to detail routing costs
  • Comprehensive reports for maintaining the Cost Master File for management planning