Macola ERP Shop Floor Control

Macola's Shop Floor Control (SFC) module automatically creates purchase orders for outside services, providing excellent integration of receiving so that operation completion is done in one step upon receipt of the purchase order. Shop Floor Control is an excellent solution for non-conforming production with Material Review Board functionality, scrap handling and tracking.

The Macola ES SFC module is designed for the detailed management of activities and the flow of materials inside the plant. It plans and tracks the workers, materials, tools, machines and time utilized in production, so that the activities of production throughout the organization are visible to authorized users. With Macola ES SFC, your company can finally manage all of the resources related to manufacturing, as well as capture the detail to fully understand your costs and plant efficiency. Macola ES SFC is streamlined to minimize the effort required to operate, while maximizing the benefits for your company. It also works in a variety of environments including make-to-stock, make-to-order, engineer-to-order and batch environments.

Issue/return materials manually or automatically at definable operations, so that inventory is tracked and managed properly. Tracks material shortages against shop orders so that receiving has visibility of products that need to be expedited to the proper shop order and work center. Uses online picking and dispatching to save time and issue material to jobs. Creates shop orders directly from sales orders, including production comments. Fulfillment of the shop order prompts the billing of the sales order.

Business Benefits:

  • All Macola ES SFC transactions involving financial impact are recorded in the Manufacturing Cost Accounting (MCA) package (required with SFC). MCA will capture your actual costs of production and provide detailed analysis of actual costs to planned costs.
  • Back-orders are easily addressed with Macola ES SFC. The system makes it possible to create shop orders for the back-ordered quantity directly from the Order Entry module. When completed, quantity is entered in Macola ES SFC, which is then automatically updated in the customer order to ship.
  • Both computer-planned and firm-planned orders can create shop orders automatically from Material Requirements Planning (MRP) into Macola ES SFC. This streamlined integration process provides the flexibility to apply standard routings or alternate routings to fulfill demand.
  • Supports KanBan and floor stock environments; supports crew reporting with the use of the Labour Performance module; provides full transactional history for performance analysis; creates orders manually or from MRP (Material Requisitions Planner); reports and tracks scrap and yield information; creates cost information without displaying costs to production personnel; allows flexible inquiries in shop order status and location of goods on the shop floor.

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