Macola ERP - Serial & Lot Control

Macola ES Serial/Lot offers powerful features to easily track and manage serialized and lotted products through procurement, manufacturing and distribution. "Start-to-Finish" management and traceability of specific serial number and lots gives your company control for quality and legislative reasons.

Quality Tracking: Macola ES Serial/Lot functionality provides an efficient way to trace specific serialized or lotted items. The ability to drill down on these items or batches helps to identify quality problems before they occur. When an item in a lot is found to be defective, others can be tested to ensure that quality standards are upheld. This minimizes your cost of non-quality standards because poor manufacturing processes can be determined and corrected. You can alert vendors who provide you with low quality materials that they have a problem or you can eliminate them as a vendor.

This module facilitates the processes required for FDA regulated industries and others requiring item traceability down to the serial or lot level, including the pharmaceutical, medical instrument and machinery industries.

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