Macola ERP - Quoting and Estimating

Macola ES QE lets you determine the level of detail to provide on your estimates; with its distinctive capability to create estimates based on percentage markup, price code tables or price list, you can fulfill any type of quotation request. And, as quotes are only the beginning of the sales process, the information can be easily and automatically converted to a sales order, preventing any delays in the start of order production.

The Macola ES Quoting and Estimating (QE) system, by fully automating all facets of your sales quotations, allows for fast, reliable and detailed quotes that can easily be converted to sales orders. By using a flexible spreadsheet interface that integrates with the many combinations of goods and services your business has to offer, Macola ES QE can facilitate a successful turnaround of quotes-to-orders, whether you are a distributor providing quotes to different customers, or a manufacturer quoting every job on a case-by-case basis.

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