Macola ERP - Master Scheduling

The Macola ES Master Scheduling module makes a statement of what the company expects to manufacture. It reflects the overall, long-term production plans, taking into account the company's sales forecast, material availability and plant capacity. Master Scheduling also allows you to closely manage the critical few indicators which, in turn, drive the material and production plan of your remaining items.

The Forecast Order applications in Master Scheduling allow users to quickly enter and maintain their sales forecast. The separate Forecast Order file in Macola ES enables users to manipulate the forecast without affecting the schedule until the forecast is merged into the master schedule. For added convenience, sales forecast orders can be changed, deleted and copied forward using the Forecast application.

The Available-to-Promise Inquiry feature in Macola ES is one of the most advanced and comprehensive systems available. It provides on-line and current Available-to-Promise (ATP) information for individual inventory items and is a powerful tool in aiding order processing, sales personnel and production planning. It virtually eliminates that task of manually reviewing the master schedule required by other systems.

Business Benefits:

  • The Forecast Order Entry application allows users to enter forecasts for finished goods, replacement parts and components.
  • Copy and distribute functions are also included within the Forecast Order Entry applications, facilitating the ongoing maintenance of the forecast.
  • If Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is in use, forecast orders will be merged into MRP and used to drive requirements.
  • With the Macola ES Master Scheduling module, the Available-To-Promise and Rough Cut Capacity functions have been greatly enhanced to serve as a true Master Scheduling function with multiple "What-If?" schedules.

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