Macola ERP - Labor Performance

The Macola ES Labour Performance (L/P) solution enables you to thoroughly understand the costs and profitability of your products while evaluating the performance of each employee and their supervisor(s). This module enables you to get detailed cost visibility in order to spur productivity, enabling you to have the control necessary to generate greater profits for your company.

The Macola ES Labour Performance module is both a labour analysis package and a data collection package. The module helps reduce labour costs by providing information on how employees are spending their time on any given day, tracking the activities performed by employees and measuring the productivity associated with that activity. The ability to view this information according to employee, job, shop order, work center, and/or crew allows supervisors to measure productivity, identify variances, and take corrective action.

In order to measure productivity, Macola ES Labour Performance maintains each employee's standard hours earned and direct hours actually worked in production. It also maintains indirect hours (non-production time) worked by an employee. As a means of determining the percentage of direct hours to indirect hours worked, it measures what percentage of the employee's time is utilized performing value added work. Total hours are tracked and compared to standard hours, measuring the extent to which labour resources are being managed effectively.

Business Benefits:

  • Provides a robust time and attendance solution that can integrate with even higher-end solutions.
  • Handles piece pay, incentives earning with direct integration to Exact's payroll solution and external payroll services; captures regular, overtime and special wages for improved costing and visibility of where and when premium pay is incurred.
  • Tracks and costs all labour into direct and indirect status; captures actual labour costs related to work-in-process goods.
  • Handles crew reporting flexibly and comprehensively; provides for parallel process reporting.

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