Macola ERP - General Ledger

If there is one thing a company cannot afford, it is anomalies in their technology that directly affect dollars and cents. The investment made in financial tools must have an immediate return to an organization through timely and accurate access to financial information that can result in smarter business decisions.

The Macola ES General Ledger system presents the broadest and deepest capabilities in financial technology in an easy-to-analyze format, making smart economic choices much easier. With functionality that allows for secure, controlled accessibility by not only employees, but also customers and partners, the Macola ES General Ledger module delivers a powerful solution that makes your critical business process more efficient, from financial management to customer relationship management.

"Instant access to all of our financial information empowered our managers to better understand the finances of our company."
(Client testimonial)

Business Benefits:

  • Eliminate unnecessary functions through automation of business processes.
  • Flexibility in measuring crucial accounts and adapting to changing requirements.
  • Management by exception - taking immediate action when indentified events take place.
  • Rapid gains in technological benefits and return on investment; complete, centralized location of all financial details crucial to your business.

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