Macola ERP - Credit Card Processing

The new credit card processing module in Macola ES is easy-to-implement and designed to save time and money by providing powerful features and performance. This module is a cost-effective solution for all business types.

The credit card can be authorized at Order Entry or it can be preauthorized at billing selection time for the items invoiced. Pre-authorization in Order Entry will allow the payment to occur during the Order Entry process, instead of using external software.

The credit card processing module is certified with major credit cards and supports single or multi-users.

Business Benefits:

  • With robust and customizable reporting features, credit card processing can be done in real time.
  • Authorization can be completed upon entry or pre-authorized at entry and the credit card is billed at selection time. This application will allow pre-authorized information to be stored until merchandise is shipped, eliminating the re-keying of information and providing a management tool for the user.
  • Credit memos can be created for any order that was applied to a credit card. The credited amount will be applied to the credit card used for the order. The credit can be any combination of credit memos, as long as the accumulated total does not exceed the original order.
  • Reduce data entry; ease reporting and reconciliation of transactions; eliminate need for separate POS terminals/phone lines; speed order processing; reduce labor and operating costs.

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