Macola ERP - Bill of Materials

The Macola ES Bill of Materials module offers a Visual Bill of Resource that establishes the link between a single inventory item and the components that comprise the finished product. Each component includes a Reference Designator which allows you to detail exactly what it does and where it can be found. You also have the option to print Reference Designators on the BOM module's Indented Report, or on production work orders. You can also choose to display Reference Designators in the view function to quickly access information for further reporting power. A BOM is created by specifying the relationship between pairs of items where one is a parent (an item that is assembled with other components). A parent will have relationships with one or more component items. The same components may be used in many different assemblies within your manufacturing facility to construct different parent items. Each component-parent relationship is specified through the graphical environment.

This is a very interactive and graphical interface for maintaining your BOM If Standard Routing (S/R) is used, Bill of Resource allows you to view routings graphically. Optionally, historical BOMs and engineering changes can be displayed and maintained as well.

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