Macola ERP - Bank Book

Offering a seamless integration with other packages, the Macola ES version of Bank Book (B/B) enables you to reconcile your cash accounts with your bank statement. This module also gives you information about your company's cash flow to allow for better finicial planning.

Effective cash management is critical to the success of any business. The Macola ES Bank Book (B/B) module manages and reconciles all of your cash accounts, giving you information about both accounts and flow. This empowers you to make more proactive decisions. Macola ES Bank Book will also allow you to transfer cash between cash accounts and maintain cash accounts in multiple currencies when used in conjunction with the Macola ES Currency Manager module, included in this Accounting bundle.

Business Benefits:

  • Receiving cash: Upon receiving cash, your company has the option of entering it into the system in three ways: 1) as a pre-payment in Order Entry, 2) directly against a customer account in Accounts Receivable, or 3) as part of a deposit ticket in Macola ES Bank Book. This flexibility enables Macola ES to take control of your cash receipts regardless of how your company receives its income.
  • Spending cash: In addition to receiving cash, checks generated in Accounts Payable and Payroll are recorded in Macola ES Bank Book. This allows the module to monitor all out-going transactions, facilitating cash management and account reconciliation. You also can enter bank transactions such as service charges and interest earned directly into Macola ES Bank Book to ensure complete accuracy.
  • Cash management planning and reporting: This module allows you to monitor your company's cash position via reports and online. Planned receipts and disbursements may be entered in the Cash Flow Transaction application, allowing you to plan transactions before they actually occur. This provides a more accurate interpretation of your future cash position.
  • Central access to cash balances: You can view any cash account you have in Macola ES from within Macola ES Bank Book. This inquiry displays reconciliation information, along with book value, currency code, and bank information. With this module, you can streamline your cash management planning process to improve the efficiency and operation of your business.

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