Macola ERP - Assets & Depreciation

Keep track of your fixed assets and calculate the depreciation costs of those assets.

The Macola ES Assets and Depreciation (A/D) module tracks your assets from acquisition to disposition. This offers a wide range of traditional depreciation methods and allows you to compare the results of different depreciation methods so you can choose the best method for your needs.

Business Benefits:

  • Integration: Macola ES Assets and Depreciation integrates with the Macola ES General Ledger module by posting depreciation expense and accumulated depreciation for each period, saving you valuable time. A Depreciation Register created from the posting shows the posted depreciation totals and the General Ledger accounts used.
  • Loading Assets: If you are converting to Macola ES from a manual system or another computerized system, this package gives you the ability to store simple or detailed information about assets that have been depreciated through the current period. It allows you to store information about the acquisition of an asset, where it is located, the department responsible for the asset, and the specific depreciation calculation information, among other things.
  • Depreciation Methods: Macola ES calculates the amount of depreciation and amount of investment tax credit. The Assets and Depreciation module incorporates the most current federal tax depreciation method: the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS), Straight Line, Accelerated Cost Recovery System, Declining Balance, Modified ACR, Sum of Years Digits, and Units of Depreciation. It also supports multiple Reporting Entities for greater flexibility.
  • Switching Depreciation Methods: Macola ES allows you to switch from an accelerated depreciation method to the straight-line method mid-way through the life of an asset. This yields a greater depreciation cost for the remainder of the asset's life, and it increases the rate of cost recovery.

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