Macola ERP - Advanced Distribution

Exact Macola's Advanced Distribution Module (ADIS) consists of a set of six specific functions: Landed Cost, Hard Allocation, Multi-Bin, Confirm Pick and Return Material Authorization.

Landed Cost: Enables you to calculate all costs, in addition to the cost of the product, normally associated with purchasing and receiving materials in-house for resale or production.

Hard Allocation: Using hard allocation, you commit specific serial, lot and/or bin numbers to an order during the order entry process. This is beneficial when specific lots must remain together. F

Multi-Bin: A Multi-Bin system supports tightly controlled stockroom environments, as you can create and maintain multiple bins within a location.

Confirm Pick: The Confirm Picking function updates the quantities of on-hand and allocated items by location. It adjusts the location quantities to reflect the quantities that you picked to fill a specified order.

Return Material Authorization (RMA): gives your customer service and sales representatives the power to track authorizations for return of products from customers and automatically trigger reshipment or credit. RMA provides a means to enter, track and resolve customer returns. You can then analyze your RMAs to look for trends in returns for particular items or return reasons.

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