Macola ERP - Accounts Payable

Keeping your company in good standing with your vendors is critical to ensuring the continued flow of raw materials, supplies, and services into your company. Ensure there are no disruptions to this critical function, while effectively managing your cash flow, with the Macola ES Accounts Payable (A/P) module.

Like other Macola ES modules, the Accounts Payable (A/P) features an extensive notes system. It also allows you to store information on all companies and individuals from whom you purchase materials, supplies, and services.

The system stores unlimited contact and address information, as well as federal 1099 information and credit terms. You can also individually code vendors to reflect specific discounts, as well as track prospective vendors you are in the process of evaluating. This module shares vendor account information with our Web-based front-office product: Synergy. Vendors and prospective vendors can be managed from the front-office (Synergy) or via the back-office (Macola ES).

Business Benefits:

  • Detailed vendor analysis to track vendor performance and pricing. Reports such as Cash Requirements, Advise List and Aging Analysis.
  • Adapt to changing payables requirements. Invoice history inquiry and review; Print 1099s for vendors.
  • Optional authorization process in voucher entry; Authorization process for payments.
  • Attach scanned documents to transactions; Track vendor information.

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