Lynq Visual Planning, Scheduling & Workforce Management

Lynq are a global provider of software solutions for the manufacturing industry. They provide Planning, Workforce and Factory Management software in a unique way. Rather than separate components, Lynq offers a combined, fully integrated solution allowing you to plan, produce and perform like never before.

PLANNING MANAGER is a powerful, advanced planning and scheduling solution that empowers manufacturers to quickly create, update and share flexible and reliable production plans. It enables you to generate accurate schedules that take into account machine, personnel, tooling and inventory constraints. You are able to balance material, capacity and shop floor schedules simultaneously to meet customer demands on time - and at the lowest possible costs.

  • Materials Planning
  • Finite Capacity
  • Cloud Based Publishing

WORKFORCE MANAGER is data collection, tracking and analysis solution providing manufacturers with real-time shop floor visibility, helping to eliminate manual processes and increase productivity. It enables you to execute production plans whilst simply and accurately capturing and measuring activities on the factory floor.

  • Shop Floor Data Collection
  • Live Status Tracking
  • Employee Performance Analysis

FACTORY MANAGER is an online document, tracking and analysis solution, helping manufacturers to improve their performance and reduce issues. It enables you to create a truly paperless shop floor by allowing the online attachment of documents, videos, forms and sign off records, with full archive functionality for audit purposes.

  • Paperless Shop Floor
  • Issue Tracking & Workflow
  • Factory Performance Analysis