Accurate and Efficient Distribution with Exact Macola Progression ERP

Exact Macola Progression's Advanced Distribution Bundle consists of five specific functions: landed cost, hard allocation, multi-bin, confirm pick and return material authorization. Combined with Progression's accounting functions, the Progression Series Distribution capabilities will enhance efficiency by managing quality, product costs, customer returns and materials.

Order Entry
Processing orders is one of the most critical functional in any distribution and manufacturing business. It must be done accurately and efficiently so that the right goods can be delivered on time. Running the Order Entry module with Accounts Receivable and Inventory Management modules will increase customer service levels and reduce inventory. In addition, the Return Material Authorization module can be run with Order Entry to easily process customer returns.

Purchase Order and Receiving
The procurement function is essential to mid-sized businesses to ensure the necessary materials, supplies and services are available when required. The Purchase Order & Receiving module will enables you to analyze the quality,accuracy and timely delivery of all purchased materials. Combined with Progression's Accounts Payable and Inventory Management modules creates a comprehensive system that optimizes purchases with the dynamics of inventory control.

Inventory Management
Inventory Management is the core of the Macola Progression Distribution Suite. Delivering the right products to the right place, on time is the essential for any business. Inventory is also one of the largest investments a company makes so managing this carefully is crucial. Progression's Inventory Management module provides all the tools necessary to effectively manage your inventory: sales and cost analysis, ABC analysis, obsolete inventory tracking, physical and cycle count features with trend accuracy, etc.

Business Benefits:

  • Macola Progression's Order Entry module will streamline the order entry process while improving accuracy and customer service levels.
  • Ensure accuracy and prompt delivery of your purchases with Macola Progression's Purchase Order & Receiving module.
  • Macola Progression's Inventory Management module provides superior inventory control to improve profits and reduce stock outs and overstocks.
  • Run your business more efficiently and effectively by managing quality, product costs, customer returns and materials with streamlined processes that promote accuracy and timely access to information.

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