Exact Macola ERP for Manufacturing

Proven over 25 years with thousands of customers, it is the only solution that is complimented by industry expert services designed to improve profitability in every area of your business, including sales and marketing, supply chain, inventory, labor as well as shop-floor yield.

Macola Manufacturing Pro fulfills a need not being met in today's market - an affordable, fully-functioning business and production management solution for serious manufacturing professionals.

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Exact Macola Manufacturing Pro comes with the following modules:

  • Accounts Payable Accounts Payable

    This module provides flexible invoice tracking, the ability to set up recurring payments, easy cheque payment and reconciliation and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). It also features an extensive notes system.

  • Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable

    Accounts Receivable maintains vital credit information that provides you with detailed payment data like average days to pay and full account history. It also tracks open item accounts and produces monthly statements.

  • Advanced Distribution Advanced Distribution

    The Advanced Distribution (ADIS) package helps organizations run more efficiently and effectively by managing quality, product costs, customer returns and materials.

  • Bank Book Bank Book

    Bank Book allows you to transfer funds, as well as to apply bank charges and other cash functions to keep your financial reports accurate and up-to-date.

  • Bill of Materials Bill of Materials

    A strong Bill of Materials processor, this flexible module helps manage and analyze the components and products your company produces, incorporating powerful visual tools that integrate Shop Floor Control (SFC) and Production Order Processing (POP)modules.

  • Credit Card Processing Credit Card Processing

    Streamline order processing and eliminate the need for separate point-of-sale terminals and phone lines with this integrated credit card processing module.

  • Currency Manager Currency Manager

    With the rapid growth of global opportunities, Currency Manager can provide your business with the ability to easily do commerce in multiple currencies.

  • General Ledger General Ledger

    Real-time, up-to-the-minute financials that reduce closing cycle time and keep all financial details crucial to your business in a centralized location.

  • Manufacturing Cost Accounting Manufacturing Cost Accounting

    Analyze costs by comparing planned or estimated costs to actual costs and provides valuable management reports and inquiries which are vital in managing your costing functions.

  • Master Scheduling Master Scheduling

    Maximize production with the robust capabilities to maintain master production schedules and forecasts, perform 'what-if' analysis and rough cut capacity calculations, as well as comprehensive Available To Promise (ATP) inquiries.

  • Material Requirements Planning Material Requirements Planning

    Easily manage the relationship between production and inventory requirements with advanced reporting capabilities including an online pegging report complete with drill downs.

  • Production Order Processing Production Order Processing

    For light assembly manufacturers or businesses involved in sales kitting, this module provides a comprehensive yet easy-to-use manufacturing planning and execution solution. It is also an ideal stepping stone for a full ERP system in the future.

  • Purchase Orders Purchase Orders

    An easy to use, automated solution to manage the procurement process including vendors, materials, supplies and services with the inherent ability to analyse vendor performance.

  • Sales Order Entry Sales Order Entry

    Streamlining the order entry process enables your business to improve customer service and reduce inventory levels. Speed and data accuracy is the key to an efficient order management system.

  • Shop Floor Control Shop Floor Control

    Macola's Shop Floor Control (SFC) module is designed to help manufacturers effectively manage their production floor by providing planning, visibility, expediting and comprehensive material management at the shop order level.

  • Standard Costing Standard Costing

    Standard Costing is a comprehensive and powerful tool for maintaining standard, current and projected costs for both accounting and manufacturing operations. Its unique features are ideal for helping businesses manage the planning and budgeting of their entire operation.

  • Standard Product Routing Standard Product Routing

    Develop quality plans that optimize manufacturing execution by standardizing manufacturing routings - the information that describes the path a product follows on the shop floor as it flows through the production process.