Exact Business Analytics (EBA) Starter Bundle

Exact Business Analytics Starter Pack includes Core System, 1 Named Power User, 2 Additional Database Administration, Standard Cubes, and Extension Builder.

This is the entry-level bundle for EBA. It gives a single Power User all the tools they need to use EBA to analyze their business using the standard analytics included with each Exact application. It also allows the Power User to create new, custom BI Views to perform additional custom analysis specifically addressing their unique business requirements.

The EBA Starter Pack bundle (EBA2001) includes:

  • EBA2037 EBA Core System (qty 1) (Foundation & Analytics)
  • EBA2030 EBA Named Power User (qty 1)
  • EBA2026 EBA Additional Administration (qty 2)
  • EBA2036 EBA Extension Builder (qty 1)
  • Prebuilt analytics and mappings for Exact Applications.

Business Benefits:

  • Allows accomodation to the Power User's technical and business needs through the option to create and customize BI Views.
  • Contains prebuilt analytics and mappings for Exact Applications.

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