Exact Business Analytics (EBA) Dashboard Classic

EBA Dashboard Classic provides the ability to update and distribute Excel Spreadsheets automatically from the eDeployment program. The Excel Spreadsheets can be configured to display a dashboard style picture of the information from the user's BI Views. This is included in EBA Expansion Pack 3 bundle (EBA2004) Consolidation (EBA2038) for 2 databases.
Item EBA2025 - EBA Dashboard Classic is included in EBA Expansion Pack 3. EBA Expansion Pack 3 adds additional functionality to the EBA Starter Pack. It includes everything in EBA Expansion Pack 1 and EBA Expansion Pack 2. In addition, the EBA Dashboard Classic also includes EBA Classic Dashboard (EBA2025) and EBA Financial Reporting and Consolidation (EBA2038) for 2 databases.

The EBA Expansion Pack 3 includes:

  • EBA2031 EBA eDeployment (qty 1)
  • EBA2032 EBA Named Standard User (qty 4)
  • EBA2033 EBA Web Access Server and Web Dashboards (qty 1)
  • EBA2034 EBA Named Web User (qty 10)
  • EBA2025 EBA Classic Dashboard (qty 1)
  • EBA2038 EBA Financial Reporting and Consolidation (qty 2)

EBA2001 EBA Starter Pack bundle

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