ERP Software Customization Services

Custom tools and utilities can be designed to automate and expand functions within Macola and deal with areas of your operation that don't fit the standard process defined in Macola. Your custom solution is designed to work with your users in your Macola systems with your operating environment.

Harvest's customizations are independent of the back office database version to allow for transparent updates to your base Exact and Macola products. Our core skills of Business Problem identification, solution design, coding and implementation provide a total turn-key package.

Macola, with its Crystal reporting tools, and Flexibility Suite with the embedded Visual Basic for Applications programming language, offer a wide range of options for custom reporting, data manipulation, data mining and custom programming to add external business logic. Harvest will offer a package rate quoted on fully specified projects, or offer hourly services to help develop the project scope as well as design the solution to reach these goals.

Business Benefits:

  • Fully documented and secured source code is supplied to the client.
  • Customizations are attached to standard menus where appropriate for ease of use.
  • Customization services give a tailored fit of the standard package to meet your specific operational requirements.

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